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Five Other Common Illnesses in the Winter (Part 2)

Five Other Common Illnesses in the Winter (Part 2)

Whether you’re training for a healthcare career in Dolton, Illinois or just interested in learning useful health facts, this list should provide you with some helpful information as you prepare for the winter.

This list has been compiled based on years of data from medical practitioners all over the country. It will offer insights for those studying in a practical nursing program in Illinois on what to expect on the field. Make sure to check the first half for a full look.

Here are five other common illnesses in the winter season:

  1. Asthma
    Persons with asthma need to be careful during winter because cold is a major trigger of this condition. It’s always a good idea to get reliever inhalers refilled before the weather gets colder.
  2. Influenza
    Better known as the flu, this disease can be a major killer. Seniors, pregnant women, and persons with chronic conditions like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease are at great risk of this disease in the winter. While there are over-the-counter drugs that can be used to treat the flu, it’s better to get vaccinated for protection.
  3. Arthritic pain
    Many people suffering from arthritis usually feel more pain and stiffness in their joints in the winter. The connection between the cold and arthritic pain remains puzzling to this day. However, regular exercise, physical therapy, and a proper diet can help alleviate the pain.
  4. Pneumonia
    This is caused by a bacterial infection and is characterized by a persistent fever of 102 F and higher, coughing (which may include pus), and difficulty breathing. Treatment will require a prescription of antibiotics and close monitoring by your physician.
  5. Heart attacks
    During the cold season, the heart has to work harder to keep up with the increased demand for oxygen. This often leads to a rise in heart attacks. In the event of a heart attack, always call 911 and apply first aid when cardiac arrest occurs.

At Adonis College of Nursing, we train you to provide hands-on care for people experiencing these illnesses. We guarantee a high passing rate for all students.

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