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Why Nurses Should Learn Proper Nursing Documentation

If you are enrolled in a practical nursing program in Illinois, then one thing you’ll be taught is proper nursing documentation. You need to know how to provide clear, accurate, and accessible documentation, especially when you are already in the workforce. Here are some typical reasons why you should learn more about proper nursing documentation: … Continue reading

Nursing: Hoto Survive Your NA Training Program

Before you become a certified nursing assistant, you first have to undergo an NA, CNA, or LPN training. It won’t be as laidback as when you were in college. Here are some of the best tips that are worth remembering if you want to complete your practical nursing program in Illinois: Do proper self-care. You … Continue reading

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Essential Tips for Building Rapport with Patients

Building rapport is an important step in creating a harmonious relationship with patients. It allows you to connect with them and understand their feelings and struggles. Rapport does not happen overnight because it takes time to fully reach out and gain your patients’ trust. Below are some tips to slowly develop amiability and foster a … Continue reading

Stress Management Tips for Nursing Students

Nursing school requires you to master both mental and practical skills, and there are a lot of written and practical examinations that might drain your mental, physical, and emotional energy. Your healthcare training can be strenuous, tough, and stressful. However, you can always manage stress with these few techniques below: Don’t forget to practice self-care. … Continue reading