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Five Other Common Illnesses in the Winter (Part 2)

Whether you’re training for a healthcare career in Dolton, Illinois or just interested in learning useful health facts, this list should provide you with some helpful information as you prepare for the winter. This list has been compiled based on years of data from medical practitioners all over the country. It will offer insights for … Continue reading

Five Common Illnesses during the Winter Season (Part 1)

When you are studying under a practical nursing program in Illinois, you should have some inkling of the common illnesses that affect Americans in the winter. Some of them can be easily treated, while others require intensive medical care. This list of illnesses should provide you with a small yet helpful snapshot of what to … Continue reading

Healthcare Expertise: What Are Vital Signs?

You may have seen doctors and nurses mutter and yell about vital signs in medical dramas. Even a person with only basic healthcare experience can have a vague idea of what this term means. But, when you are studying for a healthcare career in Dolton, Illinois, vital signs will be your daily staple. What exactly … Continue reading

Basic Steps for Effective First Aid Response

If you are currently studying for a healthcare career in Dolton, Illinois, you ought to know how to administer immediate care during an emergency. First aid can provide an ill or injured person with a greater chance of survival until Emergency Medical Services (EMS) arrive. However, learning first aid in theory and applying it in … Continue reading