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Effective teaching and training from experienced professionals

With Adonis College of Nursing, we make sure our students get professional value for their chosen courses. And we pledge to provide them with appropriate and evidence-based education to hone their healthcare skills, ethics, and knowledge.

Through our dedicated instructors, we have produced numerous nursing professionals of great competence.


  • Joseph Anyanwu, RN, BSN, Interim President
  • Mickle Ward-Ellison, MSN, LNC, Director of Nursing
  • Esther Ademiju, RN, BSN, Asst. Director of Nursing
  • Ida Mabry, BSN, MED, Practical Nursing Coordinator
  • Ida Dixon, FNP, MSN, BSN
  • Patricia Haynes, BSN
  • Crystal Locke, BSN, MSN
  • Gladys Williams, RN, MHS
  • Glenda Weems, RN, MSN
  • Helen Higgs, RN, BSN
  • Bessie Palmer, RN
  • Patricia Van Winckle-King, RN
  • Kimberly Crawford, RN, BSN
  • Dr. Olusola Ajayi, MD, M.Sc.