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4 Ways for Nurses to Cope with Job-Related Back Pain

4 Ways for Nurses to Cope with Job-Related Back Pain

Being a nurse is a fulfilling yet at the same time demanding job. Nurses have to perform a variety of duties including providing patient care and assisting the medical teams they belong to. They go through Healthcare Training in Dolton, Illinois so they can be qualified to perform such duties.

One of the things that every nurse experiences due to the performance of their duties is back pain. Their jobs require physical efforts and back pain can be the result of overexertion. Back pain can affect the quality of how they serve the patients.

At Adonis College of Nursing, we want you to be prepared for this reality. Here are ways on how you can cope with this job-related back pain:

  1. Maintain a good posture.

    You always need to be aware of your posture in whatever you do, whether you are sitting on the computer to check patients’ files or standing up while assisting other people. Wrong posture can ultimately lead to back pain since your back is not aligned properly as it should. Wrong posture gives unwanted stress and pressure to your back.

  2. Exercise regularly.

    Exercise does a lot of good things to your body. Exercising regularly can help you maintain your flexibility and even improve your strength, thereby alleviating back pain. Choose exercises that are suitable for the intensity of pain that you are feeling.

    Exercising is not the only way. Any physical movement that puts your entire body in motion can be used. Swimming, playing sports or even dancing can help.

  3. Consider your sleeping arrangements.

    The position your body is in when asleep can also have a great impact on back pain. You have to make sure that you are not compromising your back when you sleep.

    It will be best to evaluate your mattress and your pillows. See to it that they provide the right support not only to your back but also to your neck.

  4. Take time to relax.

    Relaxation does not only mean that you take a physical rest. It also means that you have to take a break from your job emotionally and mentally. There are a lot of things that nurses go through every single day. Overall relaxation helps avoid burnout which can also affect back pain.

While you are still training for your future job as a nurse, you need to take advantage of the CNA / LPN Program in Illinois you are enrolled in. If you are looking for a Nursing School in Illinois to help you with your future career, give us a call today!

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