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5 Essential Qualities of a Nurse


The job of a nurse is a combination of job descriptions of other professionals. It requires a lot of characteristics and qualities; and if you have none of at least one, you must work harder to have it to become a good one.So if you are planning to take a Healthcare Training in Dolton, Illinois and follow a career in nursing, take note of these essential qualities.

  • Patience
    Working with other health professionals within the hospital, like doctors, medical technologists, and other nurses, may require a lot of patience. The hospital environment could be stressful as we would frequently meet and take care of people who have health issues. Some hospital staff members even suffer from depression due to the experience of seeing sick, ill, and dying people almost every day.
  • Compassion
    Nurses could take care of their patients with the best quality of care only when they carry out their jobs from the heart. Adonis College of Nursing (USA) imparts to trainees this lesson: when we have compassion, we can easily empathize to our patients and from this empathy springs out the good bedside manner of a health worker. From this empathy, also begins the drive to better cooperate with the doctor in our goal to treat the patients.
  • Problem-solving skills
    A lot of different things can happen during our shifts; and we should be quick in addressing these issues. In fact, every Nursing School in Illinois would recommend the nursing aspirants to have backup plans even before any of these problems may arise. Nurses must know how to explain cases of patients to their family in a calm and informational manner. Whenever emergencies arise, nurses must never panic and instead, they have to respond and solve the crisis with composure.
  • Flexibility

    This quality is essential to all other careers. But flexibility is especially significant to nurses because we have to cover long hours of shifts. We may be required to cover overtime frequently and work overnight shifts. Although most hospitals would assign us to a specific department once we are hired, there will still be a possibility that we will be transferred to other departments for a certain period.

    For instance, we will be assigned to the Emergency Unit and the shift would be on daytime and after six months, we might be assigned in the Pediatrics Unit for an overnight shift. Because of these possible transfers and shifts, our bodies have to be prepared and equipped.

  • Interpersonal Skills
    Nurses need to be sociable and must know how to handle different types of people. Since a nurse is the bridge between the doctors and the patients, nurses should have excellent interpersonal skills and should know how to work well with patients and their families. Doctors will not always be able to meet the patients; and we are the ones who are to monitor the patients’ condition while the doctors are away. Thus, we have to radiate positive vibes to lighten the patients’ emotions, as well as their loved ones.

Being a nurse might be the toughest job in the whole world. However, when we get our job done well and see how our patients recover, the fulfillment in our hearts will be immeasurable.

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