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Be a Better CNA: 4 Tips

Be a Better CNA: 4 Tips

What’s a CNA? A certified nursing assistant is a medical professional who works on the front lines. They are the ones responsible for delivering patient care as a part of a nursing team. Most of these professionals give their services to clinics and other care facilities.

Now, there are many ways in which you can succeed in being a CNA. Adonis College of Nursing (USA) has gathered a couple of pointers to help you improve your career:

  1. Bring a notepad

    Not too big, not too small. Pick one that can fit right into your pocket.

    What will you use it for? The purpose of this is to help you make notes and finish the tasks you are assigned for the day. As well as list down any items you might need.

    The best way to use this is by writing down your assignments for each resident before each shift. As the day continues, keep adding notes or reminders for yourself. Don’t forget to write down any questions you might have in mind as well. This nifty trick will keep your organized day by day.

  2. Ask questions

    Are you new to the job? Then, it’s important for you to observe the veterans in your field. Go ahead and watch what they do. Learn the tricks of the trade. If you’re not sure about one thing, always ask questions. NEVER assume things on your own. This small habit will prevent you from committing mistakes in the future.

    How should you go about asking questions? Check what the previous CNA in the last shift did. Review what tasks have already been accomplished and what needs to be done.

    Don’t be ashamed to ask for advice either. Inquire with your supervisor the best tips in caring for certain residents. You can also ask the residents themselves on how they want to be cared for.

  3. Get organized

    Assisting nurses can be a hectic job. Yet, there is a way in which you can simplify things.

    Ensure that you arrive at work a couple of minutes before your shift. Categorize your tasks into which require priority. Next, gather the supplies that you need. Pack your pockets to save you from having to go back and forth.

  4. Always document details

    Jot down every procedure that you have done on a patient’s chart. Record their vitals as soon as you take them. Practice what you have learned during Healthcare Training. This will help the entire nursing team act with teamwork and give care to the patient.

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