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Helpful Ways to Survive Night Shift

Helpful Ways to Survive Night Shift

Becoming a nurse is more than clean white clothes, properly groomed hair, and alcohol as a primary perfume. The struggle of attending the patient’s needs and attention to medical details are just some of the mountains to conquer to become an effective nurse. One of the greatest challenges of every nurse worldwide is working nightshift.

Experienced to train future nurses, Adonis College of Nursing shares the following effective ways of surviving the night shift.

  • Mind your body clock.

    Your body is naturally designed to sleep at night time that is why staying up all night is quite a struggle. Normally you adjust to the new sleeping time in a week. In order not to break it, do not delay your sleep. Set a time to sleep and strictly follow it.

    Pursuing a healthcare career in Dolton, Illinois can be very challenging that is why it is important to impose discipline on one’s self, starting with your sleep pattern.

  • Exposure to light.

    Your healthcare training includes management of skills especially on yourself on how you handle your responsibilities effectively. During the night shift, trick your body to become alert by exposing it to bright light. Avoid gloomy areas during break time so you will not feel drowsy. The same method applies when you are about to sleep. Suppress light exposure after your shift so your body will feel the fatigue and you can go to bed straight away.

  • A healthy diet.

    Concerned with the medical needs of patients, a nurse should be more aware of theirs too. Upon graduating in a practical nursing program in Illinois, the obligation to look after yourself to look after others should be taken care of. Plan your meals wisely to keep you healthy during the night shift. 

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