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Study Tips for Nursing Students

Study Tips for Nursing Students

Want to ace your exams? Try this:

  1. Use the nursing exam study guide.

    By following the subject areas listed, you will be able to grasp a better mastery of the subjects and feel more confident when exam day comes.

    Nursing exam study guides also come with sample test questions which will help you familiarize with how your proficiency tests will be like.

  2. Take time to study daily.

    Little things go a long way. Studying for a short hour or so every day can really help you retain the information that you have been presented in class.

    Besides, you can’t really hope to cram everything you learned in a week a day before the exam, right? That would be so stressful. Not to mention it’s highly ineffective.

    Make a commitment to insert study time into your everyday schedule. It will help!

  3. Refresh what you have learned in class.

    Your instructors assign you chapters to study by the week. And there is a reason for this. That is to aid you in pacing your study time.

    While reading the whole chapter is a great start, you should also put focus on what your instructors take time discussing about during class. This should let you concentrate your attention on the key points of each chapter.

  4. Join a study group.

    As they say, two (or in this case, more) heads are better than one. By learning in a group, study time will not only seem less stressful but will also be more effective.

    That’s because your study buddies can assist you in understanding the information you have a hard time deciphering and vice versa. Apart from that, being a part of a study group also gives you moral support and encouragement that will keep you strong during challenging times.

  5. Skim through information before digesting it.

    Got a tall paragraph ahead of you? Don’t tackle it all in one go. You will have a hard time retaining the information you just read.

    Instead, start by skimming through the whole chapter. That way, you will be able to get the gist of what the topic is all about. Once you’re done with that, you can go in for the second time to obtain a better understanding of the details discussed.

  6. Utilize other sources.

    Don’t limit your learning by simply being dependent on your instructor’s notes. Branch out and make use of other media to enhance your knowledge. (There are many study guides on the internet. Some of them are even simplified so you can easily grasp the information you need.)

    While it’s true that studying to be a nurse can be difficult, it’s not that impossible to do either. Once you put your mind and effort into it, you will be able to achieve your goals.

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One Response to Study Tips for Nursing Students

  1. Jon

    For extra resources to use, these are the best I’ve found:
    1) for retention. It’s short simplified visual mnemonic videos and daily quiz. Get this ASAP.
    2) UWorld NCLEX for practicing questions, it’s the best NCLEX question bank available right now. Get this at th start of year 2.
    3) NRSNG is still pretty new and has a long way to go but looks promising as an almost 1 stop shop resource and could replace UWorld, though nothing will ever replace Picmonic. Consider getting this early in year 1, but don’t do the NCLEX questions till year 2 as they are too complex.

    Hope that helps!

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