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Basic Steps for Effective First Aid Response

Basic Steps for Effective First Aid Response

If you are currently studying for a healthcare career in Dolton, Illinois, you ought to know how to administer immediate care during an emergency. First aid can provide an ill or injured person with a greater chance of survival until Emergency Medical Services (EMS) arrive.

However, learning first aid in theory and applying it in real life are different. To help you deliver the right care in dire situations, Adonis College of Nursing offers this step-by-step guide:

  • Assess the scene and the person’s current situation before administering first aid.

    First determine what happened, who are involved, who can help, and what has gone wrong in the person’s condition. Signs of bleeding, fractures, or cardiac or pulmonary arrest can be easily detected with the help of our healthcare training program.

  • If the person is conscious, responsive, and showing no sign of fatal injury, identify yourself and get others to help.

    Tell the person your name, your level of training, and your plan to provide them with care. Let a nearby person retrieve the nearest first aid kit. Meanwhile, ask the person questions about their current condition and what led to that.

  • Check the person’s responsiveness.

    If the person seems unresponsive, shout their name to get their attention while you do a head-to-toe assessment. Tap their shoulder (or the bottom of the foot, if the person is an infant). If they don’t respond, check for signs of breathing in five to 10 seconds.

  • If the person is breathing, get them into the recovery position.

    Let someone call 911 or the designated emergency number in your state or county. Proceed to gather information from bystanders and check the person’s body for signs of minor or major injury.

  • If the person is NOT breathing, perform CPR.

    While someone calls 911, begin cardiopulmonary resuscitation. You should also use an AED if you have knowledge of using one. You can learn that when you enroll in our practical nursing program in Illinois.

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