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Five Tips for Nurses to Avoid Burnout on the Field

Five Tips for Nurses to Avoid Burnout on the Field

While many people consider getting a healthcare career in Dolton, Illinois and other parts of the state, there can be no doubt that many others also consider leaving the profession. At least, that is what a study by RN Network in 2017 concludes.

But, why is this so? Chronic overwork, stress, and physical and mental exhaustion are the main culprits. Social expectations don’t help much, either. A 2014 study by the University of Akron determined that many nurses experience burnout because of personally taking job-related failures.

If you’re a student in healthcare training, don’t worry. There are practical tips to help you avoid burnout and stay active on the field.

  1. Unplug and unwind.

    According to Holli Blazey, MSN, ANP-BC, of the Cleveland Clinic, many nurses are tempted to stay available for work even on their breaks. She suggests keeping rest times as rest times, limiting mobile phone access at meals and even before bedtime.

  2. Stick to clear routines.

    She added that nurses have to commit to the boundaries they set. They ought to steer clear of binging or wasting time and energy on fruitless activities. Focusing on important matters, like family and health, are vital.

  3. Have a healthy lifestyle.

    This is important in any profession. One must eat healthy foods, get enough sleep, and avoid drinking too much alcohol or smoking. If there’s no time for an exercise routine, you can add more activities in daily tasks, like climbing the stairs instead of going on the elevator.

  4. Identify sources of stress.

    Take time to step back and assess the points in your life that are giving you unnecessary pain and worries. You can use this to find solutions to address them in a way that works for you.

  5. Seek support.

    Don’t be afraid to talk about your problems and worries with fellow nursing practitioners. The Illinois Nurses Association has information on support groups you can attend. Whether you are in a nursing assistant, first aid, or practical nursing program in Illinois, there are always sources of help for you.

These are tips you can take from the nursing school into the field. For more helpful information, contact Adonis College of Nursing now.

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