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When Should You Perform CPR?

When Should You Perform CPR?

Saving people’s lives is among the reasons why a lot of individuals opt to start a healthcare career in Dolton, Illinois. There are several healthcare fields that they might have interests working in. One of the requirements in all these fields is the ability to perform CPR during emergencies.

For individuals who are undergoing Healthcare Training as part of their jobs, determining when to perform CPR may be relatively easy. But, how about those who are not in the healthcare field?

Tell-Tale Signs to Perform CPR

There are several signs that indicate the necessity of performing CPR on a victim. These signs include the following:

  • The patient has no pulse.
  • Breathing is limited or non-existent.
  • The patient loses consciousness all of a sudden.

What to Do

At times, though, these signs are not clear. So, you should take the following into consideration. These will help you know if you need to perform CPR or not.

  1. Patient Responsiveness

    In general, you should perform CPR on unconscious persons. So, check if the patient is responding or not. Shake them or call out their names.

  2. The Presence of a Pulse

    When there is no pulse, performing CPR is necessary. So, you need to check if the patient has a pulse or none at all.

    If you did not undergo a Practical Nursing Program in Illinois or any other healthcare course, checking for a pulse may be difficult. In this case, use your forefinger and your middle finger to feel a pulse on the wrist of the patient.

  3. Breathing

    Put your ear on the patient’s mouth and chest. Check if they are breathing. Observe if their chests are rising and falling. This is a sign of breathing.

    You should always perform CPR right away if you notice clear signs. The brain can get totally damaged in just a few minutes. Your immediate action is crucial in saving the patient’s life.

Crucial Reminders

Also, do not forget to take a look at the surroundings. Ensure your safety and the safety of the patient first before performing CPR. Even if you are or will be performing CPR, be sure to call emergency services.

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