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Why People May be Afraid of Performing CPR

CPR or cardiopulmonary resuscitation can help save someone’s life. One crucial element that a person suffering from cardiac arrest needs to survive is someone who will perform CPR on them.

Many individuals go through Healthcare Training that focuses on CPR. Most of them are looking to start a healthcare career in Dolton, Illinois. For any career in the field of health care, CPR training is a must. Others are those who only want to equip themselves with the skills to save someone in an emergency.

Yet, there are still a lot who are afraid to perform CPR. Even when an emergency is taking place, they may hesitate to do the technique. They may wait for someone else to do it.

Why? Here are some reasons:

  • People are afraid that they might be doing it wrong

    Probably the top reason why they are afraid of performing CPR is lack of self-confidence. A lot of individuals are not confident enough to perform CPR in an emergency. This holds true even if they might have enrolled in a Practical Nursing Program in Illinois before.

    In this situation, learning hands-on CPR will be a good bet. This approach is different from the traditional one. It is easy to learn. You just have to push the center of the person’s heart hard and in a fast manner.

  • People are afraid they might hurt the victim

    Another reason is worrying. You might think that you can potentially hurt the victim when performing CPR. This may be in the form of breaking a rib as you might worry that your push is too hard.

    What most people do not know is that there is a risk of breaking the ribs when doing CPR. Remember, you need to push hard to boost blood flow within the body. The patient will most likely survive a few broken ribs. Yet, they may not survive a cardiac arrest if no one performs CPR on them right away.

  • People are afraid to be sued or accused of inappropriate touching

    This is especially true for female victims of cardiac arrest. Many individuals hesitate to perform CPR on women due to the body part where the technique will be performed. They are afraid that their good actions may lead to troubles along the way.

  • People are afraid they might catch a disease

    Some people will hesitate to do mouth-to-mouth CPR. For this, hands-on CPR will be an option.

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